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HTGAWM has a new mystery baby: 5 Theories about its identity (VIDEO)

As if I didn’t already have enough questions running through my mind regarding How to Get Away with Murder, a new promo is released with Annalise holding a mysterious baby. Where the heck did that baby come from? Plus, who is the baby? 

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At the end of the video, Annalise is standing on her porch holding a baby (who is super cute, might I add) and yelling, “I can’t!” You can’t what? You can’t take the baby, Annalise? Seriously, what is happening? Of course, now fans are theorizing as to who the baby could possibly be. Well, let’s try to narrow it down, shall we?

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1. A long-lost child

There’s still a lot that hasn’t been revealed about Annalise’s past. So, maybe she gave up a child at one point? This could possibly be a flashback she’s thinking back on.

2. A client’s baby

Maybe a client truly needs Annalise’s help and drops their baby off. Obviously, she’s been put through the wringer, you know, with getting shot and everything. Maybe that’s why she’s freaking out and saying she just can’t take the baby.

3. An unknown sibling

Hey, you never know. As mentioned above, there’s a lot that viewers don’t know about the lawyer. Crazier things have happened on HTGAWM.

4. It’s all part of a dream

Seeing as the first half of Season 2 ended with Annalise on her way to the hospital after Wes shot her, maybe this is all part of a dream. She’s probably sedated and on a lot of drugs, so it could all be part of her imagination. Or, maybe, Annalise is dreaming/having a nightmare about a time in her life that involved this baby.

5. Wes, of course

Obviously, all eyes are on Wes, especially since it was revealed during the midseason finale that Annalise knew him when he was a little boy. Is there also any way Wes could be her son?

How to Get Away with Murder returns Thursday, Feb. 11 at 10/9c on ABC.

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