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Kailyn Lowry posts sassy response to trolls hating on her rumored butt-lift

Teen Mom‘s Kailyn Lowry is standing up to the Twitter trolls — with some backup. 

Lowry is the latest Teen Mom to undergo plastic surgery courtesy of “Dr. Miami” Michael Salzhauer. Last weekend, she allowed the doctor to Snapchat photos of her Brazilian butt-lift (BBL), a double-whammy plastic surgery procedure in which doctors liposuction fat from one area and add it to your butt.

Our question: Why is a doctor on Snapchat? We can only hope that Dr. Miami didn’t charge for the surgery, because Lowry is certainly paying for the treatment in other ways.

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Lowry’s “fans” didn’t hesitate to weigh in with their opinions on her body and what she chooses to do with it. From shame to hate to insults, Lowry has spent the past few days getting slammed. Her husband points out that it’s emotionally exhausting. Lowry retweeted his sweet message from her account.

And Lowry herself even tried a workaround, saying, “I did not get butt implants.” (Technically, no. But something tells me haters aren’t rational enough to listen to the nuances of plastic surgery practices.) 

But she finally settled on the best option of all: supporting herself and her decision.

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We love that Lowry is standing up for herself, no matter what the haters say. BBL surgery (obviously) isn’t for everyone, but loving yourself sure is.

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