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Brooks Ayers’ new tell-all book will be lacking details fans want most

Brooks Ayers is writing a tell-all book, but don’t expect ex-girlfriend Vicki Gunvalson to be a chapter.

According to Us Weekly, Gunvalson isn’t worried “at all” about her volatile ex airing their dirty laundry. Her rep told the mag in a statement, “Vicki is not at all concerned about her former boyfriend writing a book. He can write whatever he wants except he cannot write about Vicki, her career, family or anything else concerning her. Vicki long ago had the boyfriend sign a fiercely written and executed confidentiality agreement. He cannot write about her at all. That was signed in the very beginning [of their relationship].” Vicki always was the business-savvy one on RHOC. So, what material does Ayers have, exactly?

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He’d like to set the record straight concerning Gunvalson’s daughter Briana Culberson, who he believes turned the public against him for faking cancer. Ayers has no qualms about telling Page Six that the plotline was fabricated. “I didn’t fake cancer,” he says. “Who in their right mind would fake cancer?

“[Briana] hates my guts,” he told Page Six, “and got paid handsomely the past three seasons to do nothing but bring drama into her own mom’s life regarding me. I’m going to expose all of that.”

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Ayers asserts he’s received a “pretty overwhelming” response from publishers, even without the ability to discuss Gunvalson or her family in his manuscript. “I’m a grown man and I want to do what I can do to rehab my reputation… and you can’t do it on reality TV,” he says.

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