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Kim Zolciak puts an end to Photoshop speculation for good (VIDEO)

Kim Zolciak’s pictures are constantly bombarded with Photoshop accusations, so on Thursday, she decided to put an end to the speculation once and for all.

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Taking to Instagram, Zolciak shared a video of herself wearing a white bikini (her bikini pictures are often called out). And alluding to the backlash she’s received, she captioned the image with, “No need to photoshop! Follow me on Snapchat KimZBiermann.”

The short video shows Zolciak striking a series of poses as she asks fans, “Do you like my little bathing suit?” — which happens to be from Beach Bunny. But the reaction to Zolciak’s post has been surprising, because while she may have managed to convince her haters that she doesn’t Photoshop her images, they now have a fresh reason to call her a narcissist.

“Narcissism is not sexy. true beauty and sex appeal speaks for itself,” thechuthers wrote.

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“You make me sick. So slutty. UNFOLLOW,” bobbi_brooklyn shared.

Others questioned the point of the post, with kpiraino4 writing, “…. and what is your point? Do something positive with your celebrity status instead of this….” And jess_lynn_86 simply asked the same question, writing, “What is the point of this???”

Critics also questioned why Zolciak felt the need to constantly show off her body.

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“You must really be deeply insecure to have the need to always show your body off,” lizgreves_hill wrote.

“Your oldest is following in your footsteps. Beauty is much much more than always showing skin. You need to show more class. Just sayin. I would be so disappointed in my beautiful daughter if she behaved this way. She’s gorgeous and doesn’t need to flaunt herself all over social media for attention.”

Can Kim Zolciak not post anything without receiving backlash? Or do these critics have a point? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Image: RWong/WENN

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