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Patrick Dempsey insider reveals huge relationship update

In January 2015, Patrick Dempsey and his wife, Jillian Fink, made a shocking announcement: They would be divorcing after 15 years of marriage. But it looks as though the couple have since had a change of heart.

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During the past year, fans have wondered whether Dempsey and Fink were actually going to end their relationship for good, as they were spotted together multiple times and even chose to make public appearances together.

If you were convinced Dempsey and Fink’s love would survive, despite the odds, then you were right; because a source has just revealed a huge detail about their relationship.

“For the past year, Patrick and Jillian have been working on getting to where they are right now. They are not dating anyone else, and only each other,” a source told People magazine.

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The couple, who share three children together, appear to have a new lease on love.

“They seem very happy and are spending a lot of time together. They go on dates and are also involved with the kids together,” said the source. “The divorce made Patrick miserable. It was definitely a wake-up call.”

A second source also commented on the divorce plans, revealing they are no more.

“There are no more divorce plans. Patrick and Jillian plan on being a family again,” the second source said.

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Are you surprised Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink are calling off their divorce? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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