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Bringing Up Bates‘ Michaela Bates makes sex confession before her wedding

Bringing Up Bates tonight was all about Michaela Bates’ upcoming wedding — and with just days before the nuptials, the girls were talking about sex, of course.

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The Bates family, like the Duggars, is very strict in their dating guidelines. Michaela and her soon-to-be husband Brandon haven’t even kissed yet, let alone done anything else.

Still, during her candle-making bridesmaid party, the older girls wanted to know what Michaela was most nervous about: the wedding itself or after the fact.

And Michaela’s answer was surprising, even to her own sisters.

“I’m not nervous about either,” Michaela said confidently.

“I remember what I was stressed about before the wedding and nervous about,” Erin told the camera. “And the kiss thing was a big thing I was worried about and, yeah, after the wedding, the big shebang.”

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The poor girl has a baby and still can’t even say the word “sex.”

Erin continued, “But she says she’s not nervous about anything. So she’s better than I was.”

Michaela seemed like she was surprised at the idea that she should even be a little nervous.

“Erin thinks about things that never even cross my mind,” Michaela told the camera.

OK, stop for just a second right there. You’re going to tell me that sex hasn’t even crossed this girl’s mind? Like ever? I call B.S. No. Way.

That’s called denial, people.

She added, “Maybe other people are thinking it. I don’t know.”

When you don’t even have your first kiss prior to marriage, yeah, sex is a big cloud of curiosity looming over you; sorry, Michaela.

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The show doesn’t delve into it that much more. Rather, the girls go back to making their candles and we’re left to wonder just how much she knows about the birds and the bees.

But since she and Brandon in the present day are now seemingly happily married, we’re going to go ahead and assume everything went OK for both of them.

Are you surprised Michaela isn’t nervous for her wedding or the night after the wedding?

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