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The 100: 7 Changes that prove things are taking a bad turn in Season 3

After much too long of a hiatus, The 100 is officially back, and guess what? The CW series still rocks. If you didn’t have time to binge the first two seasons on Netflix before Thursday’s Season 3 premiere, then I highly suggest you do just that before next week’s brand new episode. Now that my pitch is out of the way, let’s get back to the premiere. 

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Three months have passed since Season 2, which means life has definitely changed for the Arkers. Not only have they found some peace within their new home (now cleverly called “Arkadia”), but they’ve improved upon their village immensely. From a watering hole (where Shawn Mendes sings, for real) to better medical supplies to cars for actual driving around, the Sky People are doing well for themselves.

Of course, not everything is perfect. When life moves on, there are a lot of changes — both good and bad. The above lists a few of the good things that have happened for the Arkers, but there are also many problems they’re facing as well.

Here are just a few of the changes that prove things are taking a bad turn (and will probably continue to) for those of Arkadia.

Image: Tumblr

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1. Bellamy has a new girlfriend

Sorry Bellarke shippers, but Bellamy has moved on with someone named Gina. Of course, this isn’t really bad, but it is if you want Bellamy and Clarke to heat things up in the romance department.

2. Jasper is more lost than ever

Let’s all say it in unison: “Poor Jasper.” Ever since Maya’s death (aka when Clarke killed her and the other Mount Weather residents), Jasper has been beyond lost. Can you blame him? Not only is he getting drunk on a daily basis, but he’s causing fights and even smiled when a knife was put to his throat by one of the Ice Nation members.

3. Raven continues to struggle

Ever since getting shot and losing feeling in her one leg, Raven has been learning to live with her physical limitations. However, in Season 2, there was hope until that explosion at Mount Weather. Basically, it feels like Raven is back at square one and she’s trying to cope with it all over again.

4. Jaha has found friendship with A.L.I.E, aka a hologram

Remember how Jaha and Murphy ended up in the City of Light? Well, while Murphy was trapped inside that bunker for 86 days straight (seriously), Jaha was becoming besties with the hologram responsible for ending the world. However, Jaha doesn’t see it that way and is on cloud nine, but there’s something else mysterious going on here.

5. One name: City of Light

What is the City of Light Jaha keeps going on about? He told Murphy it’s an escape to a place with no pain, no hate and no envy. But I’m still confused about how you actually visit it. Was that an earbud or some type of gadget Jaha gave Murphy? Who knows, but I’m definitely intrigued.

6. Octavia is still unhappy

If Octavia had her way, she and Lincoln would leave Arkadia and live their lives as Grounders. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem like it will happen anytime soon, especially since Lexa has a kill order out on Lincoln.

Image: Tumblr

7. Clarke is now the “Commander of Death”

That is not something I made up. Not only is Clarke being hunted, but she is known as “Wanheda,” aka the “Commander of Death.” She even got captured at the end, so here’s hoping Clarke survives this one.

The 100 airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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