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8 Reasons Heroes Reborn was a total disappointment

Spoiler: If you’re yet to watch the Season 1 finale of Heroes Reborn, then read no further. That’s that. Heroes Reborn‘s first season is officially over, and the world is saved, thanks to the Bennet twins. So, it’s all good, right? No, it definitely is not. Am I happy that Tommy and Malina were able to stop the solar flare from destroying the world once and for all? Am I happy that Erica Kravid got what was coming to her? Am I glad that the season is finally over? Of course I am. However, I found this Heroes reboot a complete disappointment.

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Granted, the first few episodes were actually pretty decent, especially the connection between Claire, Tommy and Malina. Then, it took an unfortunate turn and things went downhill — quickly. Sadly, not even Claire’s kids could save Heroes Reborn from itself. And with that, let’s talk about a few of the reasons why the series was bad all around.

1. A beloved Heroes original died

Don’t get me wrong, I get why this had to happen, but killing off Noah Bennet? How is that even remotely OK? Yes, his story came full circle with him fulfilling his destiny to help Tommy and Malina save the world. (FYI, Noah acted as a conduit for their powers.) Obviously, both Claire and Noah sacrificed themselves for their family and the greater good. That’s who the Bennets are. However, I just never thought this would happen. Is anyone else devastated?

2. Hiro’s fate is still a mystery

What happened to Hiro? Did he sacrifice himself to save Tommy? Is he still alive and kicking? Seriously, where is Hiro Nakamura?

3. Matt Parkman went bad and is probably still in a ditch

I hate that Matt Parkman was made into a bad guy. I thought he would somehow redeem himself, but that definitely didn’t happen. Then, karma found him, which was bound to occur at some point. Although, I have a question: Is he still in his car?

4. Too many questions are left unanswered

Obviously, not everything could be answered in one episode. Plus, if the creators were hoping for a renewal, they probably didn’t want to tie it with a tidy bow. However, I’m walking away with way too many questions, including what the heck happened to Noah’s fiancée? Yeah, remember her?

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5. The twins’ father was mentioned way too late

This was something everyone was wondering as soon as it was revealed Tommy and Malina were Claire’s children. I need Maury Povich to walk in and get me some DNA results, stat. At the end of the finale after the Bennet twins found tarot cards left by some stranger, Angela told Malina, “It’s a message from your father, Malina. It means he’s coming back for you and your brother.” Who is the father? According to Twitter, many are speculating Sylar. Could it really be him?

6. Zachary Levi’s story line fell flat — fast

When I learned Levi was joining Heroes Reborn, I was beyond excited. Then, when it was announced he’d be playing a villainous character, well, I was ecstatic. As a huge fan of Levi’s, I couldn’t wait to see him take on a darker role than Chuck Bartowski. Don’t get me wrong, he did a great job, but I feel like his story line got lost along the way. Oh, and then to kill his character within the first 15 minutes of the finale? I guess he at least found his destiny, somewhat righted his wrongs and managed to stop the first solar flare, but still.

7. It moved way too slow

Not only did there need to be more action, but there were some episodes where nothing even happened. This is a show about people with powers; how can that even be made boring? I definitely needed more oomph.

8. Season 1 was left open-ended

How can you leave it open-ended? During the 2016 Winter Television Critics Association panel, it was revealed that Heroes Reborn wouldn’t be renewed. The series finale was probably finalized before this announcement, but according to NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt, it was “always the plan” to only do one season of Heroes Reborn. That is, “unless [series creator] Tim [Kring] woke up one day and said, ‘Oh, I have another chapter to tell,'” Greenblatt added. So, if that was always the plan, why leave it on such a huge cliffhanger?

I guess fans will just have to wait another five years when Heroes inevitably returns for another revival.

What did you think of Heroes Reborn? Were you as disappointed as I was?

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