Supernatural may have just unceremoniously killed off a badass character

Jan 21, 2016 at 6:55 p.m. ET
Image: The CW

Supernatural returned Wednesday with a brand new episode, a brand new vessel for Lucifer and a brand new death. That's right, after Castiel said "yes" to Lucifer, he waltzed back into hell where he announced himself with a devilish smirk and also snapped Rowena's neck after learning she is the only one who can open the cage. Sorry, Rowena, but no more lusting after Lucifer for you. Although, is Rowena really dead? It's Supernatural, so anything can happen.

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Let's face it, Supernatural is known for bringing characters back to life. Just look at how many times Sam and Dean have bitten the dust, but they always come back. Granted, they are the lead characters, so killing one or both of them off for good would be bad for the series.

As for Rowena, well, there's a good chance she is truly dead and gone. I mean, when Lucifer kills someone, I have a feeling it's permanent. He's pretty powerful (even more than badass witch Rowena), so I'm betting Crowley will officially be burying (or burning or whatever he chooses) his mother.

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Plus, actress Ruth Connell (who played Rowena) tweeted up a storm during Wednesday's episode and some of her posts surely allude to Connell parting ways with both Rowena and Supernatural. In addition to sharing several behind-the-scenes pictures from the episode, she posted a picture of herself and the caption, "Good night and thank you." So, it seems like that's her way of saying goodbye.


There are some fans rooting for Rowena to survive Lucifer's neck snap, and she could very well rise from the dead. The series sure knows how to get around death. If she is truly a goner, then this might not be the last viewers see of her.

Supernatural always figures out a way to bring back deceased characters, whether it be via flashback, in a dream or through a visit to heaven. I mean, Season 11 is going to feature an episode revolving around Bobby and Rufus. So, if you're a Rowena fan, don't fret, because there's a good chance you'll see her again at some point in time.

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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