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Sundy Carter’s Marriage Boot Camp confession receives outpouring of support

There wasn’t a dry eye in the Marriage Boot Camp house — or on the Internet — when Sundy Carter disclosed a painful truth on the latest episode. 

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Marriage Boot Camp
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On the latest episode of Marriage Boot Camp, we revisited a classic exercise in the healing repertoire of Jim and Elizabeth Carroll: confronting the person who hurt you in the past, and that person is played by Jim, Elizabeth or a member of their team of counselors. In this case, the reality star in question is asked to talk back to the person who hurt them, and to try and reach a place of forgiveness, with the hope that they can free themselves from the pain they’re carrying and potentially heal their relationships.

We haven’t heard a ton from Sundy Carter this season, other than the fact that she and Benzino may or may not have had an unspecified sexual encounter in the past. On Friday though, she came forward with the truth about her past that has undoubtedly been impacting all of her relationships throughout her life — she was sexually abused as a child by a babysitter. She confronted the person who molested her (played by Elizabeth Carroll), and forgave her, and everyone immediately rallied around her in support, including fans on Twitter.

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Cedric was openly emotional during and after Sundy’s story. It was lovely to see him supporting her, and it definitely gave fans hope as to the future of their relationship.

Marriage Boot Camp is such a mixed bag of a show — there are moments like those that happened tonight, with Sundy and also Benzino, who spoke about getting shot by a family member, and then there are tons of what seem like vapid, useless fights that keep viewers fascinated and entertained.

The exercises always expose tender underbellies, even when people don’t want them exposed, and even when they try to deny that they have them. Coming forward to admit difficult and traumatizing past events on television cannot be awesome, and what Sundy did on the latest episode will probably do her relationship a lot of good, but it’s not a prescription for everyone. You have to be ready to talk about something like sexual abuse, and you have to be ready to forgive. But you also don’t have to forgive the person who hurt you in order to move on. Everyone is different. Sundy’s truth telling will definitely help a lot of people with similar experiences, just as Christina Milian coming forward to talk about her abusive relationship on television surely helped and is helping people who have endured and are enduring the same. Naming the things that happen to us is powerful.

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Do you think Cedric and Sundy have a better shot at reconciliation now? Tell us in the comments!

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