Grey's Anatomy's new assault storyline threatens Meredith Grey's life (VIDEO)

Jan 21, 2016 at 5:40 p.m. ET
Image: ABC/YouTube

Last season, Grey's Anatomy fans were shocked and devastated by the untimely demise of Derek Shepherd. And now that viewers have had months to recover, they're in for the latest shocker: Meredith Grey may be in danger, too.

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The trailer for Grey's Anatomy's midseason premiere was released yesterday, and it confirms the suspicion that fans have had since the new TGIT promos were released earlier in the month. Yes, Meredith Grey will be attacked — and by a patient, no less. And yes, Grey's life will be hanging in the balance. From the looks of it, she's going to have a long road to recovery. If she survives, that is.

Will Grey's Anatomy really kill off their central character only one season after killing off her husband? Probably not, honestly. It's true that the show isn't precious about its characters, and many fan favorites have died in the past, but it doesn't make much sense that a character as integral to the show as Grey would be gone so quickly. Besides, she's survived traumas and close calls before. There are a lot of good reasons to believe that she's tough enough to persevere and survive even the most brutal of physical attacks.

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But there's another layer to the dramatic tension: Grey Sloan Memorial resident Penny Blake is the one who finds Grey after she's been injured. Blake, of course, is one of the doctors who bears responsibility for Shepherd's death, something that has caused quite a bit of friction in her professional and personal relationships with Grey. Yet in the trailer, Blake appears to be the person who jumps to Grey's aid at the critical moment. Is there a chance that she'll be able to redeem herself from her past mistakes? Perhaps her recent weeks of work at Grey Sloan Memorial will have better prepared her for new crisis situations.

This may be all the more reason to be convinced that Grey will make it out alive. It's true that Blake's track record isn't the best, but it seems odd that Shonda Rhimes would bring her back only to force her to repeat her old mistakes. On the contrary, this seems like the moment for Blake to prove herself and demonstrate her capabilities and the degree to which she's changed. If she's going to be sticking around Grey Sloan Memorial for a while, she's going to need to be on everyone's good side, and having the opportunity to prove herself now will work in her favor. So, if anything, Blake's appearance in the trailer seems like a strong clue that things are going to work out OK for Grey.

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Even so, fans are already feeling extremely anxious about how the events are going to unfold three weeks from tonight.


So, will Grey live or die when the current season of Grey's Anatomy returns next month? We won't know until the episode airs, but one thing is certain — no matter what happens, fans are bound to have very strong feelings about this episode.

You can watch Meredith Grey's drama unfold when Grey's Anatomy returns on Feb. 11, but until then, check out the trailer below.