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6 Things to expect from the big Mob Wives sit-down

On next week’s Mob Wives, the ladies will sit down (in a warehouse!) to deal with the drama they’ve been talking about since the season started — except this time, Drita will actually be there. 

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Image: Vh1

Among the more annoying moves in the world of television is the tendency to end a show right at the moment it should have started, like the latest episode of Mob Wives. Wednesday’s episode concluded with the ladies sitting down to address the stuff they’ve been addressing behind each other’s backs since the start of the season — namely, Drita. Here are some things that will probably happen when this thing that should have happened a while ago finally happens next week.

1. Karen will say something about Drita and Lee

In case you didn’t get the memo, Karen and Lee had a relationship once. And then it was over and Lee met Drita, and they got married and had two daughters. Since Karen came back to Staten Island in Season 1, she’s been talking about the fact that she was with Lee before Drita, got super angry when she thought Drita might be downplaying Karen and Lee’s relationship, and admitted to not trusting Drita entirely because of the whole thing.

2. Carla will pretend that she and Drita were never that close

Carla left the show in Season 3 and her reappearance this season was accompanied by a steely silence between her and Drita, which is weird and sad considering they were such solid BFFs for so long. Since this season started, Carla’s been mad at Drita, but not saying specifically why, and she has not been interested in confronting her to settle it. It’s like they weren’t ever friends in the first place.

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3. The word “rat” will be uttered more than once

It’s not really fair how obvious this one is. It could be Renee who says it, because it’s the thing she least likes to be called and the thing she talks about the most. Or it could be Karen, who’s in the midst of a thing with Victoria Gotti involving her father (Karen’s, not Victoria’s) and she had to deal with that whole “baby rat” thing when introducing Brittany to the group. It could really be anyone, though, since so much of this show is about loyalty, even though the cast seems to have trouble with the concept.

4. Ang will try to make everyone deal with themselves (with mixed results) 

Ang has been in the middle of everyone’s issues with one another since day one of this show, and this season is no exception. While she’s still talking to Drita, she was also invited to the Hamptons getaway a couple of weeks ago, so it seems like no one is actively holding a grudge against her. (I hope it’s because they all fear her wrath, because they should.) At the sit-down, it will probably be her who urges everyone to remember that there are old friendships at stake and you just don’t throw those away.

5. People will apologize, but will definitely continue to trash one another later

OK, “apologize” is probably too strong a word. What will probably happen is that they’ll say they won’t try to kill each other and attempt to move past whatever it is they’re all mad about, but everyone will actually leave still harboring enough grudges to carry us through the end of the season.

6. Oh, and a fight will break out


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What do you think will happen at next week’s sit-down? Tell us in the comments.

Image: VH1

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