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5 Moments Kate Gosselin regrets on Kate Plus 8

On the season finale of Kate Plus 8, Kate watches footage of herself parenting in the days of yore, when the kids were tiny and she used to overreact a lot. 

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Image: TLC

Kate Gosselin once had a very different haircut and, also, an army of little children. On Tuesday night, on the season finale of Kate Plus 8, with long hair and some teenagers, she sat down to watch clips from seasons past and walked viewers through her parenting style then and now, complete with cringing at herself at moments such as these.

1. The time with the dislodged door knobs

Lots of yelling and slamming and Kate demanding information that little humans could not possibly give her about door knobs and other missing hardware. 2015 Kate cringes a lot when watching herself and she pretends to ignore how bad her hair was. I’m assuming she’s already come to terms with that.

2. The RV trip that almost destroyed a friendship

“I used to be all dramatic and be all melt-downy,” Kate said of this clip, when she bickered with friend Jamie while on a road trip with all eight of her kids and Jamie’s as well (the same trip where the microwaves and the VCR failed). Apparently, Kate and Jamie are still friends, which is kind of miraculous considering, according to Kate, “everyone was at their worst.”

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3. Everything is a mess all the time

There were multiple scenes in this episode where things were gross — vomit, children painting each other with pudding, children covered in gum, children peeing where they aren’t supposed to pee. Kate admitted to losing her patience constantly and being unbelievably frustrated by the relentless nature of messes. Eventually, she had to come up with a way of adapting to it, because the alternative would have been losing her mind. I’m not sure how one just does that, though, especially when you get used to having a partner to split the responsibility with and then… not.

4. The belligerent garden hose and other frustrations

Since the collapse of her marriage, Kate’s had to figure out how to manage a herd of children and also a house and property, in addition to a bunch of other things. In this clip, a garden hose that won’t reach represents Kate learning to do stuff on her own, like build a chicken coop and run around her entire house dealing with said annoying garden hose. 2015 Kate isn’t into watching herself rant about having to do things she previously didn’t have to and reflects that she was seriously frustrated all the time.

5. Worrying herself into an ulcer

I don’t have actual medical proof that Kate has an ulcer, but I have no reason to believe she doesn’t. How could she not? When the kids turned 7, she threw an enormous pool party for them, which meant 1,000 details and lots of running around and all sorts of potential for things to go wrong, including things Kate couldn’t control, like the rain. It came together in the end and 2015 Kate had to admit that her tiny people were not the most helpful of creatures then and that things now are much better in terms of their ability to help move things along.

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Has Kate chilled out? Do you think she’s a better mom and human being now? Which of the clips from the past was your favorite?

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