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Farrah Abraham reacts to Catelynn and Tyler’s wedding snub

On Monday’s Teen Mom, the entire Internet cried when Catelynn and Tyler got married, except for Farrah, who wasn’t invited. 

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Image: MTV

A little more than 150 people attended Catelynn and Tyler’s wedding, including their daughter Carly’s adopted parents Brandon and Teresa, castmates Maci and fiancé Taylor, Amber and her fiancé Matt, and Teen Mom 2‘s Kailyn and husband Javi. People who were not there: Farrah.

Look, weddings are expensive, and a good way to cut down on expenses is to not invite people who refer to you as “white trash” and criticize you for adopting your kid out to an awesome family who is clearly doing a great job of raising her. Catelynn and Tyler also didn’t invite Farrah because they feared she’d cause drama and try to make the wedding all about her. Good call, you two.

On Monday’s episode, Farrah yelled a lot and went to therapy, and cried, although not about not being invited to the wedding. She did make sure everyone knew she hadn’t been invited, though, and wasn’t shy about letting the producers know she’d been wronged by her castmates. Although she moved on pretty quickly from the wedding issue, fans of the show were super angry that Farrah had segments in this episode in the first place.

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But let’s focus here: Farrah wasn’t invited and the wedding was lovely. It was nice to see Maci and Amber, and Kailyn and Catelynn, and their significant others all together, being friends, like normal people (who just happen to be on TV). Teresa and Catelynn had a magnificent moment when Teresa told her she loves her and is proud of her and helped her put on her veil. Nova, Carly, Brandon, Teresa and the newlyweds danced together. And then everyone in the world with functioning tear ducts cried, including Butch.

The wedding wasn’t totally devoid of drama, though. After making it clear to Catelynn and Tyler that they weren’t interested in meeting Butch, Brandon and Teresa met him anyway when Butch took it upon himself to introduce himself to his granddaughter. Fortunately, everyone behaved reasonably.

After a decade of dating, teen pregnancy, adoption, being on numerous reality shows, a broken engagement, painful family drama, a new baby, dealing with depression, anxiety and a suicide attempt, along with a ton of other things we probably don’t know about because it wasn’t seen on camera, Catelynn and Tyler actually got married. It was nice to see something good happen on a show that’s so often about folks working really hard to move forward, only to end up going backward and then trying again and again while the whole world watches and often isn’t so nice about it. Fortunately for Catelynn and Tyler, they have a ton of people rooting for them.

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Were you happy to see Catelynn and Tyler finally get married? What part of the wedding was your favorite? Do you wish there hadn’t been any Farrah segments?

Image: MTV

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