5 crazy things Farrah Abraham did on the Teen Mom finale

Feb 23, 2016 at 11:08 a.m. ET
Image: MTV

Another Teen Mom season finale, another set of absurd behaviors a la Farrah Abraham. 

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The latest season of Teen Mom ended on Monday night with some resolution: Ryan and Maci seem to have gotten to a point where they can actually co-parent, instead of Maci being the adult and Ryan... not being the adult. Gary agreed to let Amber take Leah to Florida for Christmas break. Catelynn and Tyler contended with her postpartum depression, and Nova turned 1 year old, destroying two cakes in her wake. And Farrah... did some things, too.

1. She and Simon possibly got engaged

Maybe? Simon came to visit again, and Farrah decided it was as good a time as any to tell him that either he was going to marry her or go away forever. He picked the not go away option, so they went ring shopping, where Farrah declared a $17,000 ring to be "cheap" and a three-carat to be too small. Are they engaged now, though? It's not totally clear, so there's still time to run, Simon.


2. She moved to LA — sort of

This, in itself, is not ridiculous. Apparently, LA has more opportunities for "business," and the fact that it's further from her parents probably also makes it attractive. So LA, not that exciting, but Farrah refused to live in an "old house," which Debra made clear to the real estate agent, in front of Sophia, who busted her grandmother for being mean.

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3. The elevator

Somehow, miraculously, Simon and Farrah found the Home of Their Dreams, but it lacks an elevator. Yes, you read that correctly. I don't know what they'd need an elevator for, but the Dream House already costs 2 million dollars, so why not get an elevator while you're at it?


4. Tried to negotiate her way out of that pesky contract she signed with MTV

Farrah's tangle with the producers began when she wanted to film another reality show that is apparently too close in content to Teen Mom (it's probably Family Therapy). When they wouldn't let her break the contract/film the show, she kicked everyone off her property, but reserved the bulk of her ire for Larry....

5. She shoved Larry the Producer and also screamed at him

Oh, Larry. Poor Larry. We knew this one was coming, but watching it happen was something else all together. There was the screaming, various epithets, including "white trash," and then the pushing. The whole time, Larry reminded Farrah that without MTV, she wouldn't have a career, or the ability to buy this 2 million-dollar house (with an elevator!). Farrah was not interested in logic, and went back into the house, leaving fans gleeful and also confused as to whether or not she had just quit the show.


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Was Farrah Abraham's finale behavior all that you imagined it would be? Do you think she quit the show? Will you watch next season if she didn't? Tell us in the comments!

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