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Farrah Abraham’s webcam business is not impressing anyone (PHOTOS)

Farrah Abraham may have a new venture called Farrah’s Friends, but one thing is certain: She’s not winning over any friends with it.

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Farrah’s Friends Live is a webcam business that Abraham is very proud to be a part of, and on Wednesday, she took to Instagram to post a series of images from what looks to be the AVN Awards (an adult awards show).

One image shows Abraham posing alongside scantily clad women while others show her with models dressed up in lingerie and bunny ears.

But the posts have been met with negativity and criticism, with fans showing a lot of concern for Abraham’s daughter, Sophia.

Comments on the pictures include one from peace_out.bye, who wrote, “How’s Sophia ?.. I’m guessing she’s locked in a closet somewhere? But you wouldn’t know you don’t watch her … Lol.”

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Dlanham5788 agreed, writing, “So now she has her own porn site pretty much ? Wait until Sophia’s like oh my moms [sic] friends are on the Internet and looks it up and sees naked bitches. That’s going to be a proud moment.”

“I wonder if Sophia will ever take mommy to school for career day…,” kimberley321970 joked.

But it was not just the industry Abraham is choosing to profit from that has angered her critics; she’s also taking a lot of heat for referring to herself a boss — something that many people refute.

“Being a boss has never felt so good! #boss @girlboss @farrahsfriendslive thank you to all the new friends who signed up today @avnawards#avnshow,” Abraham wrote — and she probably did not anticipate the hate she would get over her caption.

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“Girl do you know the definition of boss ? A boss is somebody that don’t have to show they whole body to get money u might as well be a hoe!”, new.niknik wrote.

Classicmegface laughed at the thought of Abraham being a boss. They wrote, “Boss???? Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhaha.” And janboo123 shared similar sentiments, writing, “You’re a boss? More like trash.”


Do you think Farrah Abraham is a business savvy woman? Are you unimpressed with her latest venture? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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