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8 Reasons Arrow fans just want the flashbacks to stop

Between Felicity’s uncertain fate and the unresolved grave mystery, fans had a lot to say about the latest episode of Arrow and why they want the dreaded flashbacks to stop. 

1. They’re mostly pointless

Everyone loves a good flashback, they’re a tried and true way to dig into a character and get into their origin story. But these days it’s hard to know what the point of them is anymore.
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2. They’ve outlived their usefulness

They may have been interesting and added to the show, especially in the beginning when we were all trying to understand who Oliver was, but now they seem to drag the story down more than add to it.

3. They’re roadblocks

You know when you’re driving along on the freeway, singing to your favorite tune and making great time to your destination only to have everything ruined by construction? That’s what the flashbacks are now.

4. They’re kind of boring

Except for the fact that they often bring with them some shirtless Oliver (and for that we will always be grateful), no one really cares about what is happening in the flashbacks. Other than Oliver, none of the characters are usually ones we care about, either. That’s a recipe for boring if we ever saw one.

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5. They’re confusing as hell

Arrow is a complex show as it is, adding another story underneath the first, second and often third and fourth in an episode is taking things way too far. By the time a flashback hits, we’re left wondering what in the world is going on.

6. The story would be better served in the present

We know the flashbacks are meant to give us background on Oliver, but that information could be delivered by watching who he is in the present. Why do we need to keep going to the past to find out who he is now?

7. They might work better less frequently

Flashbacks can be a useful vehicle for adding depth to a story line, but every single episode is a bit much. Maybe if they went down to a flashback once every few episodes, fans wouldn’t want to throw their TVs out of their windows every time they came on.

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8. Even the fans are done with them

Even those who love the show hate the flashbacks now. If you don’t believe us, just hang out on the interwebs during any episode of Arrow recently. As soon as the flashbacks show up, the love goes away really quickly.

What do you think of the flashbacks on Arrow? Are you still on board or are you ready for them to be gone?

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