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Supernatural: Castiel’s devilish new role means bad things for Sam and Dean

And Supernatural Season 11 keeps knocking it out of the park. In what is clearly one of the strongest seasons in a long time, Wednesday’s episode proved once again why everyone should be watching this show. Not only was Amara’s fate addressed (did the angel smite really kill her?), but also included a death (for real!) and someone saying “yes” to you know who (it’s as bad as it sounds). Basically, things just got a whole lot worse for Sam and Dean. Will they ever catch a break?

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The answer is probably no, or at least they hopefully will by the time the series ends. Anyway, back to what’s important at this point in time. First and foremost, no, Amara did not die, which means she is still alive and kicking. Although, she did stumble and appeared a bit weak. Did that smiting weaken her mojo? That’s a question for another day.

Oh, and that death? Yeah, Rowena is no more, thanks to Lucifer snapping her neck. That’s right, the devil is back in action, but more on that in a second. As much as I enjoyed watching Ruth Connell strut her stuff as Crowley’s mother, it’s probably better her character is dead and gone, because can you imagine if Rowena teamed up with Lucifer? That would be double the trouble and even worse for Sam and Dean.

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So, how did Lucifer return to Earth? Oh, you know, when Castiel said yes to becoming his vessel. That’s right, Sammy refused, but Castiel somehow became convinced Lucifer can truly stop Amara. I’m sure many saw this coming, especially after that new Supernatural trailer was released Tuesday, but it was still a shocking moment. Not to mention, seeing Misha Collins transition from Cas to Lucifer is the best thing I’ve seen all week.

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Now that Cas is no longer the sweet angel fans know and love, he is going to wreak havoc as the Devil. So, not only do Sam and Dean have to worry about The Darkness, but they also have to figure out a way to save Cas from Lucifer and stop Lucifer from doing whatever evil he has in store for the world. If he can truly put a stop to Amara, what will he do after that is all said and done? Will he try to bring on the Apocalypse again, like Sam suggested? It’s Lucifer, so anything can happen.

Sam and Dean definitely have their work cut out for them. Also, let’s imagine their faces when they finally learn Cas said yes to Lucifer. They surely won’t be happy about it. Maybe now is a good time for G-O-D to show his face. His visit is way overdue.

As bad as all of this is, at least fans can look forward to more amazing Lucifer impressions from Collins, right? I mean, this is just perfection.

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Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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