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Troian Bellisario’s new movie is even crazier (and bloodier) than PLL

Remember when Spencer went crazy on Pretty Little Liars to the point where she found herself checked into Radley? Well, that breakdown has nothing on actress Troian Bellisario‘s latest movie. 

Bellisario is definitely taking her emotional acting chops up a notch with her new movie Martyrs. In the film, she plays a girl seeking revenge against kidnappers who kept and tortured her years earlier. Her best friend from childhood also inadvertently joins in as the movie unfolds.

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But that doesn’t even begin to summarize the bloody insanity that ensues in this film, which is exactly why Bellisario said she signed on for this project.

“It is by far one of the craziest scripts I’ve ever read,” Bellisario said of her reaction when she got the script, “and I really, really want to portray this.

“At the core of this film, it’s about a friendship and the protection and the love that they have for each other,” Bellisario explained, and added that it was something she really focused on while preparing for the role.

But despite all of the emotions throughout this movie, Bellisario said the most intense scene for her, personally, was one of the final scenes in the movie.

“Our last day on set was crucifixion day, so for 12 hours, I was just bloody on the cross,” Bellisario explained. “On Pretty Little Liars, you’re not allowed to show a lot of blood, so I’d never really dealt with a lot of blood. I didn’t know that with the blood, you put it on and it looks great and then about two minutes later it’s dry and awful. It’s like putting maple syrup on your skin and then putting a blow dryer on it.”

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She said, all in good humor, that between the blood and her poor circulation from being on the cross, it was a new experience on set, to say that least.

Image: Starz

And, without giving away any spoilers, let’s just say that Bellisario spends almost the entirety of the film covered in blood, so it was no small feat for her to be doused day after day.

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Not to mention the emotions she had to pour into the character. By the end of her day on that cross, Bellisario joked that she wasn’t even sure how she was going to make it home, she was so physically and emotionally exhausted.

All in all, suffice it to say that Martyrs is not for the faint of heart. But if you’re feeling up for the wild ride, you can catch the flick in theaters and Digital HD on Jan. 22 and VOD, DVD and Blu-ray on Feb. 2.

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