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RHOA: 6 Things to expect from the rest of Season 8 (VIDEO)

We’ve arrived at the midseason point of RHOA, and if you thought things were already bananas, well, they’re about to get even more so. Here are six things you can look forward to in the second half of Season 8. 

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Image: Bravo

1. A girls’ trip to Jamaica

Because, as we’ve learned after all this time, everyone behaves well on vacation and nothing bad ever happens.

2. The return of NeNe Leakes

Sheree Whitfield is also back this season, and now Leakes? Should we expect Kim Zolciak to pay a visit, too? And not only is Leakes back, apparently she’s never leaving again. (Is that a threat?)

3. Babies

Kandi’s friends throw her a super fancy shower, and Porsha’s sister Lauren, currently with child, wonders if all of this fecundity is making Porsha want to breed as well. Earlier this season, Porsha admitted that she never would have imagined herself being in her 30s and without a husband and children, and it looks like the children springing free from the loins around her will push her to take a big step toward what she wants. Also, the impending birth of his heir does not make Todd interested in dealing with the less awesome parts of being a dad.

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4. Oh, Kenya

Kenya made a dating profile a few episodes ago, and um, fibbed about her age. Apparently, she’s about to meet a much younger dude, Matt. (Will he stick around long enough to see the end of construction on Moore Manor? They are in some kind of bubble bath situation in this video, so who knows.) It does not seem like meeting a dude is going to stop Kenya from creating drama in the group, though, especially with Kim Fields, Cynthia and Leakes.

5. Kandi/Phaedra drama

Apollo Nida is still in jail, and his stuff may or may not still be in Kandi and Todd’s garage, and the government may or may not be coming to get it. Phaedra still owes Todd money from the exercise video. I choose to believe that this can all be resolved. Don’t let me down, rest of Season 8.

6. Nobody likes Kim Fields

Or, rather, Kenya doesn’t like Fields, and might enjoy doing something to her chair that looks as though it will turn out badly. See? This is why no one on a reality show should ever go on vacation.

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What are you looking forward to in the second half of Season 8? Are you happy that NeNe Leakes is coming back? Tell us in the comments.

Image: Bravo

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