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Mob Wives: 5 Reasons I’m Team Drita

This season of Mob Wives is off to a ridiculously dramatic start, and Wednesday’s new episode has fan loyalty divided between Karen and Drita. Here are five reasons why I’m on Drita’s side, basically forever. 

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Image: VH1

I will be transparent with you. Drita has been my favorite cast member of Mob Wives since Season 1, and my affection has endured through all the hair pulling, threats, failed dinners/parties/vacations and screaming fights. (You can’t choose who you love, OK?) The final season of Mob Wives is basically an infant and already there’s a huge divide between Drita and the rest of the group. My loyalty will not budge and here are some reasons why

1. You don’t have to be friends with everyone, not even if you’re all on TV

Carla and Drita used to be BFFs. Now they’re not. Same with Karen and Drita. This is all very sad, but why aren’t they? Drita’s constantly reacting to allegations leveled at her and she’s almost never in the same room with the people who are talking about her. The rest of time? She’s being friends with Ang and doing LadyBoss-related things. She’s not obsessed with fixing relationships with people who seem to enjoy surviving on drama. This is also known as having your own life.

2. Please get over it, Karen

I know I’m not the only one who thinks Karen’s problems with Drita started when Drita and Lee became a couple. Karen and Drita fought about that in Season 1 and Karen still won’t stop bringing it up. It reminds me of how Kristen could not deal with Tom and Ariana and spent an entire season dredging up ridiculousness, even when she was in a relationship with James. If Karen’s still upset about the way Drita and Lee handled themselves, fine. (I mean, it’s not really fine.) But at least be honest about it.

3. Renee is the queen of drama

On Wednesday’s episode, Drita told Brittany that Renee is super dramatic and the source of all the drama in the group. Probably not the best move, considering Brittany then went and told everyone what Drita said, but there is basically no more verifiable claim than the one about Renee, because she has been starting drama for six seasons in a row. She’s either starting the drama or perpetuating it. This is actually provable by a Venn diagram.

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4. Drita was a really good friend to Carla

Before Carla left the show in Season 4, Drita had spent a lot of time trying to shield her from difficult relationships with annoying people (i.e. Ramona Rizzo) — and that’s just what we saw on camera. Ang pointed out to Carla on this week’s episode that Drita has constantly defended her, but Carla never did the same. In an interview with Fashion and Style, Drita was asked how she felt about Carla returning to the show, and she mentioned the ridiculousness of coming back and snubbing “the one person who liked you and protected you.” Yikes.

5. Nice job, reality TV

Between last week’s episode and this week’s, I’ve had to make peace with the fact that this is a reality show, so everyone is actually mad at Drita and it’s unlikely that this is all going to get better by the end of the season. The fact that Carla and Drita are not only not friends but now want to murder each other probably means the producers figured out that they weren’t friends and decided to bring Carla back to dredge it all up. It’s like the season’s being set up around hating Drita and fighting about it, which is just the worst, and also so entertaining.

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Are you Team Drita? Team Karen? Team Nobody? Why do you think Carla came back? Is there any hope for repairing friendships?

Image: Vh1

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