Joey and Rory Feek open up about their deeply personal last album

Joey and Rory Feek are making the most of their limited time together, and that includes making music.

The couple, who double as country singers, are releasing an album that chronicles their life throughout Joey’s battle with terminal cervical cancer. The album, Hymns & Stories That Are Important to Us, will be released in Cracker Barrel on Feb. 12. They sat down with People to talk about the album and share some happy memories.

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Joey and Rory’s tragic love story has happened fast: They met in Nashville, Tennessee, and were married two months later. Joey tells People, “I didn’t even know him, but something inside me said, ‘You’re going to marry that man and spend the rest of your lives together.'”

Joey gave birth to their daughter, Indiana, in February 2014, and she was diagnosed with cervical cancer that May.

Now, the couple is releasing Hymns & Stories That Are Important to Us to mark this time in their lives.

According to a release, the album will feature 13 tracks and was recorded just after Joey’s first big surgery in Chicago.

“These songs of faith and hope mean so much to us, and to have them wrapped within intimate stories and photos from our lives is a dream come true,” Rory said in a release. “We are both big fans of [Cracker Barrel], and our family has held hands and said blessings over many meals there throughout the years.”

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For Rory, leaving his new wife’s side was never an option. “I’m 10 years older than Joey, and I always knew that when I get old or if something were to happen to me, Joey would be there beside me no matter what,” he tells People. “No matter how hard it was, no matter how I looked or what we faced, she would be there. But I never dreamed that the roles might be reversed and life might require those things from me.”

His positive attitude is perhaps surprising, and certainly inspirational: “For better or worse aren’t just words you say anymore. Because of all Joey is going through, it’s given me the opportunity to live them every day, and follow through and mean the words I said to her at the altar.”

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