Candace Cameron Bure reveals the real reason she walked off The View

The View‘s hosts are not ones to reserve their judgment or hold back on their opinions, and on Tuesday’s episode, things got quite heated when Whoopi Goldberg took aim at Candace Cameron Bure.


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The panel had been discussing the Oscars boycott among actors and actresses who are disappointed about the lack of diversity in this year’s award nominations, something Goldberg feels very strongly about. And in the heat of the discussion, Goldberg turned the tables on Bure, saying, “Well, you know what, I talk about God, you gotta talk about these damn movies,”

What shocked viewers most is when the show cut from the commercial break, Bure was gone. But if you thought it was because she couldn’t handle the heat, you would be wrong.

Attempting to put an end to any speculation, Goldberg told the audience that Bure had not been feeling well before her departure.

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“Candace hadn’t been feeling well for the last couple hours, so that’s why I asked her if she needed some juice,” Goldberg said. “We felt it would be better for her to get some rest.”

Bure later took to Twitter to confirm that she was unwell.

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And a source confirmed to People magazine that she was, in fact, ill.

Candace was really sick all morning leading up to the taping. [The producers] gave her the option to take a sick day, but she thought she could make it through the show,” a source told People magazine. “She’s resting now and feeling a lot better.”

There you have it, folks. There are no ill feelings between Bure and Goldberg after all.

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