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Dance Moms‘ latest verbal assault against a child is unacceptable

Abby Lee Miller has used just about every insult imaginable. At this point, it’s no longer surprising when she trashes her students. However, Dance Moms is still full of shocking moments. Tonight’s shocker involved one of the mothers turning on an ALDC dancer. Not cool!

The young dancers of the ALDC are used to being insulted. Typically, these epithets come from Abby Lee Miller, who has never been a big fan of the gentle touch. Although they still occasionally cry when Miller uses verbal assault as a teaching technique, the dancers have mostly learned how to put on a brave face. However, while they can handle Miller’s behavior, they are not prepared to deal with insults from their friends’ moms.

Brynn and Kenzie
Image: Lifetime

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Until now, the mothers featured on Dance Moms have taken care to remain at least somewhat respectful when discussing dancers who are not their own children. Yes, the moms passive aggressively complain about Maddie Ziegler always getting to be the star, but they’d never dream of yelling at Ziegler… or would they? Evidently, Jill Vertes is perfectly OK with mistreating the dancers, as long as they’re not deemed one of the “original girls.”

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The drama was, as always, instigated by Miller, who awarded Kendall Vertes a solo but had new dancer Brynn Rumfallo learn it as well. Miller claimed that if Rumfallo looked better than Vertes, she would be given the chance to compete. Jill Vertes clearly felt threatened, because her behavior changed markedly the moment she realized her daughter’s solo could be in jeopardy. Upon realizing that Rumfallo was standing a little too close to the instructor, Vertes snapped and harshly told the new girl to get out of the way.

Brynn on Dance Moms
Image: Lifetime

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Talk about a terrible way to welcome somebody new to the studio! It’s not Vertes’ job to discipline the other kids. If anything, she should be supporting them just as much as she supports her own daughter. Some of the most touching moments on Dance Moms have involved Kelly Hyland comforting Chloe Lukasiak, as well as Christi Lukasiak providing Nia Frazier with some much-needed reassurance. Although quick to nitpick one another, these moms always wanted the best for all of the ALDC dancers. If Vertes really wants her daughter to be referred to as an “original girl,” she needs to act like an original mom.

Vertes has never been the most popular cast member on Dance Moms, but her public perception took an especially big hit tonight. The following is just a small sampling of the negative tweets targeted at Kendall’s mom.

Hopefully, this was an isolated incident. In the midst of so much Abby-induced stress, the last thing the girls need is to also deal with the moms putting them down.

Were you surprised by Jill Vertes’ outburst on Dance Moms? Comment and share your opinion below.

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