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Pretty Little Liars‘ Ezra can’t possibly be CeCe’s killer

Pretty Little Liars is setting up Ezra with some killer motives… again… but there’s no way he actually killed CeCe.

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For one, if that were the case, the season would be over before it even really began. After only two episodes the mystery can’t be solved. Otherwise, the girls go home and live their new lives, done and done. And there is way too much drama being set up in their personal lives for their end in Rosewood to be that simple.

And the bigger reason Ezra can’t possibly be the killer is that he’s already been through way too much to be murdering people in cold blood.

Anyone else feel like him being on the suspect list feels weirdly like Netflix’s new hit show Making A Murderer? Which, if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend bingeing on the first season immediately. It will not only scare the pants off of you about our justice system, but it will feel eerily similar to the accusations flying on PLL right now.

Think about it.

All of the girls were convinced that Ezra was A at one point. And not in the, “Oh, he could be on the suspect list” kind of way, but in the, “I’m running for the hills scared for my life because I think he’s after me” kind of way. And he was innocent! Doing some shady things for the sake of his book, sure, but definitely innocent.

Just in the same way Making A Murderer‘s Steven Avery was innocent of the first charges against him.

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Which is why the idea of Ezra committing an even more extreme crime than the one he was accused of previously just seems ridiculous.

Now, whether Steven Avery actually committed the crime, who knows. That’s for another article entirely.

But we’ve seen into Ezra’s life enough over the past six years to know that he’s way too smart for that.

He just lost Nicole. Not to mention, he has to deal with the emotional confusion now that Aria is back in the picture all while he’s grieving. The poor guy probably can’t even cope with his emotions, let alone make the decision to kill someone.

The past is definitely repeating itself on the show in 6B. But Ezra finding himself on the wrong side of suspicion twice just seems too coincidental to believe. Something is definitely fishy here.

Ezra has every right to be mad. He has every right to mourn CeCe’s death. But there is just no way he killed her. That would be the most depressing character arc in the history of television. After everything that he’s been through. And all of the past between he and Aria. He just can’t end the show behind bars rotting away as the bad guy.

No way!

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Plus, Pretty Little Liars loves to tease suspects. We’ve had five seasons before this and at some point or another every single person on the show has absolutely been on the suspect list. Since Ezra is topping the list so early on in the season, there’s a good chance his name will be cleared almost as quickly.

We should know by now that on Pretty Little Liars, the truth never comes out so easily.

Do you think Ezra could be CeCe’s killer?

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