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Lisa Rinna’s 5 nosiest RHOBH moments

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is full of nosy women, but Lisa Rinna is one of the worst culprits. She took it a step too far tonight, but this was by no means the first time she stuck her nose in her fellow Housewives’ business. These are five of Rinna’s nosiest and most awkward moments on RHOBH.

1. When she became the Meghan Edmonds of RHOBH

On RHOC, Meghan Edmonds instigated drama by digging into Brooks Ayers’ cancer. The RHOBH equivalent involves Yolanda Foster, who, (surprise, surprise) has been questioned extensively about her Lyme disease diagnosis.

Lisa Rinna on RHOBH
Image: Bravo

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2. That time she accused Brandi Glanville of being an alcoholic

Several Housewives have expressed concern regarding Brandi Glanville’s booze consumption, but Glanville found Rinna’s questioning most annoying. After Rinna claimed that Glanville desperately needed to put herself in rehab, Glanville responded by advising her RHOBH frenemy to mind her own business.

3. Last season’s drama with Kim Richards

Rinna is very, very curious about Kim Richards’ sobriety and legal drama. This is nothing new; last season, viewers claimed that Rinna’s poking and prodding actually prompted Richards’ meltdown.

Lisa Rinna
Image: Bravo

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4. Repeated inquiries about Richards, even after she’s departed RHOBH

Never one to let an issue rest once it has captured her interest, Rinna has continued to question Kyle Richards about her sister’s functioning, despite the fact that Kyle is clearly not eager to talk about her family’s ongoing drama.

5. When she questioned new Housewife Kathryn Edwards about her ex-husband and O.J. Simpson

Typically, Housewives wait until they’ve been hanging out for at least a few minutes before they start to make new cast members feel super uncomfortable. But Rinna decided that it was better to rip the Band-Aid off right away by approaching newbie Kathryn Edwards with a super-awkward comment about O.J. Simpson. Evidently, Edwards’ ex Marcus Allen had previously been accused of having an affair with Nicole Brown Simpson. This is all very interesting, but it’s not a good way to welcome a new cast member to the show.

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Rinna’s nosiness was a popular topic on Twitter during tonight’s episode of RHOBH. As expected, several social media users spoke ill of Rinna. These critics mentioned Rinna’s excessive interest in the private lives of Kim Richards, Yolanda Foster and Kathryn Edwards. Suffice to say, Rinna is not the most popular lady on RHOBH at the moment!

Although Rinna’s penchant for digging through her fellow Housewives’ private affairs can be annoying, it adds a lot of interest to RHOBH. Every Housewives show needs an official pot-stirrer, and this season, the lucky lady is Lisa Rinna!

Should Lisa Rinna mind her own business? Comment and share your opinion below.

brandi glanville leave rhobh slideshow
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