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Arrow spoilers: Roy Harper may have met his fate in that dreaded grave

As Arrow fans know, someone is going to die during Season 4, or so it seems based on the ominous grave Oliver has been seen standing over in the flash-forward. Many have speculated that it may be Felicity, especially after she got shot multiple times during the midseason finale. However, I’m pretty sure that won’t happen, because Olicity fans would revolt. So, what if it’s another member of Team Arrow? What if it’s Roy Harper, aka Arsenal?

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It’s been teased that Colton Haynes would be reprising his role as Roy sometime in Season 4, and that’s definitely been confirmed in the new promo released Tuesday. In addition to Roy, many familiar faces have returned, including Katana and Shado’s twin sister Mei (or is it Shado?).

That said, really anyone could be in that grave, but based on Oliver’s expression and Barry Allen showing up to support his friend in his time of need, it has to be someone he deeply cares about, like Roy. Seeing as Haynes is no longer a series regular and only pops up from time to time, it would make some sense to kill him. He is no longer a huge part of Team Arrow, nor Thea’s major love interest anymore, so maybe this is the perfect time to off him?

Is it better to kill off a major character or someone who guest stars every now and again? Is there really any good time to say goodbye to a beloved character? No, there’s not, especially if it’s Roy, whom I adore deeply. Arrow’s already faked his death once, so maybe this time around they’ll throw fans for a loop and do it again, but permanently.

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Plus, as executive producer Wendy Mericle told TV Line about Roy’s return, “Whenever we bring people back — same with Sara — we always have a very specific character reason in mind. We wanted to see Colton [Haynes] again, we wanted to bring Roy back into the fold — at least temporarily. He’s going to have a really cool and emotional story with Oliver and Thea when he comes back.”

She uses the words “temporarily” and “emotional,” so maybe those are clues to Roy’s possible death. However, Mericle also describes his story line as “cool,” which means maybe I’m way off-base with the identity of whoever is in that dreaded grave.

Whatever the case, someone dying on Arrow is never a good thing, especially if it’s someone who’s a fan favorite.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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