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Supernatural‘s Castiel could be on his way to becoming Lucifer’s vessel

It looks like things are going to get worse for Sam and Dean on Supernatural. Last fans saw the Winchesters, Dean was kissing Amara and Sam was trapped inside the cage with Lucifer. So, what else can go wrong? Well, based on a new trailer released Tuesday, there’s a good chance that Castiel could very well become Lucifer’s vessel. 

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Whoa. What? Now, if this is the direction Season 11 is taking, I don’t know for certain. However, the trailer does spell that bad things are ahead for Cas. Sam and Dean are heard discussing “getting him back,” which I assume means the beloved angel. Then, Dean says, “No matter how much it hurts, no matter how hard it gets, we gotta keep grinding. And that’s how we’re going to win. We’re going to save Cas. We’re going to ice the Devil. And we’re going to shank The Darkness and anyone that gets in our way — or God help them.”

So, why does Cas need saving? He’s been out of the picture for a while recuperating after being under Rowena’s spell, but maybe he comes to Sam’s rescue regarding Lucifer. Knowing Cas, to protect both Winchesters, he may offer to become Lucifer’s vessel to prevent Sam from having to do it. Plus, if Lucifer can really fight The Darkness, Cas might be willing to do whatever it takes.

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Some might think I’m grasping at straws here, but if you take a moment to watch the below video (why wouldn’t you, especially when Dean is dressed as a sailor?), there appears to be a moment between Rowena and Cas filled with sexual tension. Remember how Crowley’s mother had the hots for Lucifer? If Cas is Lucifer’s vessel, that would explain their touchy-feely interaction. Or, you know, maybe Castiel is getting ready to choke/kill Rowena?

If that isn’t ominous enough, there’s a moment in the trailer where Cas opens up his shirt and burned onto his chest are the words, “I am coming.” Is this a message from God? Here’s hoping, because now more than ever, he might be the only one who can save Cas, Sam, Dean and everyone else from The Darkness — and even Lucifer.

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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