Girl Meets World star publicly requests Disney add a 'queer' storyline

Jan 19, 2016 at 2:39 p.m. ET
Image: Rob Rich/WENN

Rowan Blanchard, star of Disney's Girl Meets World, doesn't just want her character taking on any old world; she wants Riley to be living in a realistic one.

Blanchard recently made the announcement that she identifies as "queer" and feels that it's only right the show she works on represents the LGBT community in their story.

"It's vvv important to me, being queer, that there's representation on our show," Blanchard tweeted, adding that it didn't necessarily have to be Riley that represents the community.

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She also added that to her, the label "queer" doesn't necessarily have to mean putting a label on sexuality, but rather "just existing."


Blanchard specified that although she has only been attracted to the opposite sex at this point in her life, she identifies as "queer" because she is open to "liking any gender" in the future.


Blanchard recently penned an article for Rookie magazine titled "Sorry, Not Sorry," in which she detailed the road to self-acceptance and how she stopped apologizing for herself and her feelings.

"My codependent relationship with self-blame and self-deprecation as a means of self-defense has held me tightly since I can remember," Blanchard wrote. "It has felt safer and less terrifying to silence myself to a degree than to actually engage with people, and make them take responsibility for their own actions."

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She goes on to explain how she's overcome the struggle of self-blame and learned to "trust myself enough to know that I don’t always have to say sorry for myself."

Blanchard's candidness seems to be continuing on into the Twittersphere, since she is obviously not about to apologize for her sexuality or her hopes for Girl Meets World.

This isn't the first time Blanchard has taken on important social issues. In a 2015 interview with Elle magazine, Blanchard spoke out on sexism in the entertainment industry — specifically, the double standard that exists on the red carpet.

"For a guy, the first question is, 'What drew you to this project?' And it's like, come on! I want to wear cool clothes. I love fashion. We all do," she said. "But we shouldn't be taken less seriously because we're in a dress."

What do you think of an LGBT representation on Girl Meets World?