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Kate Gosselin’s blind date is what fans have been waiting for all season

On Tuesday’s Kate Plus 8,  Kate goes on the most normal blind date ever. (Just kidding. There’s a helicopter involved.)

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At the start of Season 4 of Kate Plus 8, Kate freaked out about the probability of her teenage daughters doing things like dating and driving. We’re one episode away from the season finale and, so far, Mady and Cara have been date/license-free, except for one incident in which they may or may not have flirted with some boys on the beach in Florida. While the teenage Gosselins seem to have activities limited to refurbishing picnic tables and taking part in cooking competitions, it’s Kate who finally manifests the desires of Kate Plus 8 fans (and probably her children) by going on a swanky blind date.

Here are some facts about Kate’s evening: She goes to New York City for it, because apparently there are no appropriate men in the state of Pennsylvania. Her date’s name is Van. (We tried to find out his last name. He might not have one.) Van is not an unattractive man and has parents who would like him to get married and have kids before they die. He has also never seen Kate’s show. They take a helicopter ride, because no one is rich or fancy and this is a normal thing that normal people do on dates. Kate wore heels and tweeted that getting in and out of a helicopter in heels is hard. (Noted.) Then they go to dinner and discuss how Kate has eight kids and a camera crew following her around and, therefore, requires someone tough. Van does not run away.

Twitter was excited to see Kate dating again and most were super supportive. They were also very interested to know if Kate would be seeing Van-without-a-last-name again.

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Kate herself tweeted that she thought Van was great, but it’s not clear whether or not they’re going out again, and it seems unlikely that we wouldn’t have heard about it, given that Kate is such a popular target for media attention. Maybe she and Van are having very secret liaisons? You couldn’t blame her for trying. Dude does have access to a helicopter, after all, so who knows. Next week’s season finale is apparently about Kate’s accumulation of parenting knowledge — we could get some resolution, but probably not. If this is the first time Kate’s been out in a while, she might feel like she wants to pace herself. Dating is exhausting, blind dates are even more exhausting (and awkward), especially when you have one on TV, so if this was the last we ever hear from Van, let’s turn to Mady for a little perspective: “First dates aren’t supposed to be romantic. I have to figure out if you’re a serial killer or not.”

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What did you think of Van? Do you really think he’s never seen Kate Plus 8? Should Kate go out with him again?

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