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8 Reasons you should love Vanderpump Rules‘ Lala Kent

If you’ve been watching Vanderpump Rules this season (and why wouldn’t you be watching Vanderpump Rules this season?), you definitely have feelings about newcomer Lala Kent. The blonde bombshell is brash as hell and, no doubt, out to make a splash at SUR and in doing so, she has — not surprisingly — made a few enemies. 

But contrary to what seems to be popular opinion, Kent can be kind of awesome. With the exception of Jax Taylor and James Kennedy, she’s certainly an acquired taste for most — but one you should give a chance.

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Think you hate SUR hostess Lala Kent? Newsflash: You don’t. You just don’t know enough about her. Here are eight reasons you should hop on over to Team Kent and stay a while.

1. She’s always honest

lala kent
Image: Tumblr

Was it messed up that Kent continued to hit on Taylor when she knew (come on, she knew) that he was seeing someone else? Yes. But, more messed up? Taylor hitting on Kent. Good for Kent for telling Taylor’s girlfriend Brittany Cartwright that he kept coming on to her. Tsk, tsk, Taylor.

2. She’s comfortable with her sexuality

It seems to make a few (OK, a lot of) people uncomfy, but Kent has never met a body of water that she didn’t want to introduce to her boobs. She had no qualms talking her top off in Hawaii to let her breasts enjoy the waterfalls just as much as the rest of her body (much to Katie Maloney’s dismay).

3. She’s up for anything

lala kent
Image: Bravo

Making out with Scheana Shay? Sure, why not.

4. She might be the new Stassi Schroeder

lala kent
Image: Bravo

Think what you want of Stassi, but the girl was definitely entertaining — and she never backed down from a fight.

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5. She might be a long-lost Kardashian sister

Who else rocks the contour like this? Eat your heart out, Kim and Kim’s bronzer!

6. She posts Snapchats and Instagram videos that are riveting af

Salsa? Sausage? What is she saying?

7. She’s talented

Evidently, Kent and Kennedy are working on music together, so, you’re welcome, world. (And, yes, she does have a good voice.)

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8. She doesn’t have a problem having people wait for her — even her own mother

When Kent’s mom asks her if she’s done, she replies, “No. I’m still Snapchatting myself,” as she films herself in a bikini. Priorities, people. Priorities.

What do you think of Lala Kent?

Vanderpump Rules one-liners slideshow
Image: Bravo

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