Kim Zolciak haters are out in full force over her recent snap with Brielle

Say what you want about Kim Zolciak but there is no denying that she is a loving and devoted mother, which is why it seems extremely harsh when critics blast her for setting a bad example for her daughters.

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Taking to Instagram on Monday, Zolciak was proud to share a photo of herself alongside her teenage daughter, Brielle Biermann. The latter can be seen smiling into the camera, while Zolciak has her usual pout, and there is no mistaking that these two women are related.

But critics have blasted Zolciak for being “fake” and criticized Brielle for wanting to be her mother’s mini-me.

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“Lots of plastic surgery. Did not even recognize you,” annies.54 wrote.

nickelpalumb agreed, writing, “As a mother to 2 beautiful daughters, why be so fake with all of your plastic surgery…you are fake. What values are you teaching your daughters???”

Meanwhile, lindalea66 took aim at Brielle. She wrote, “Oh my, Brielle less makeup and you are stunningly beautiful.”

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nikkirbeach was less kind with her words, accusing Brielle of heading down a “slippery slope.”

She wrote, “I have supported you for years but do you really want her to be your mini-me?!? To follow in al [sic] your footsteps? She has become a clone with no real sense of direction or goals! She’s 18 and already getting plastic surgery! Slippery slope!!”

Is it really fair to question Zolciak’s values just because she and her daughter look similar, and appear to share similar interests?

Share your thoughts with us regarding the backlash Zolciak received, and whether you think it’s ridiculous or not?

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