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The Bachelor contestants disappoint by cruelly attacking Jubilee

The Bachelor‘s Jubilee might have just proved she’s the most real contestant the show has ever seen.

She didn’t say all the right things tonight. She was definitely awkward, especially at the start of her one-on-one. And she didn’t act like all the other girls.

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But she absolutely made us fall in love with her tonight.

While a lot of the other girls failed to impress when their claws came out, Jubilee tried her best to stay out of the drama.

Meanwhile, Amber practically (and pretty much literally) tried to drag her into it because Jubilee had a rose yet decided to treat Ben to a romantic massage.

“There’s definitely a respectable way to get Ben’s attention,” Amber said to the cameras, even though Ben had told Jubilee that massages were one of his favorite things.

Then Amber proceeded to try to “girl chat” with Jubilee. And when Jubilee refused to get involved, Amber made it seem like Jubilee was just trying to make herself the center of attention. It was insane.

No wonder the poor girl had a panic attack in the bathroom. She couldn’t get away from the crazies any other way!

Luckily, Ben saw right through the BS and was clearly unimpressed.

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I don’t think Jubilee was being overly sexual at all when she offered Ben that massage. Rather, she saw that he’d had a hard day and wanted to show that she was there for him. The gesture was so sweet that it made my heart swell, until Jami interrupted them because she couldn’t stand seeing another girl with Ben. Not because Jubilee was wrong, but because Jami clearly had her own set of insecurities to deal with.

Not to mention, Jubilee was one of the only girls we saw actually comforting Ben. He was clearly very upset by the loss of his friends. And all Olivia could talk about were her kankles?

Ben clearly thought Olivia was being insensitive since he was obviously trying to give her a wake-up call by giving her the last rose.

But worse were the girls who could only focus on Jubilee. I bet he wished he could take back that rose he’d given to Amber.

Maybe even better, Ben totally took Jubilee’s side when Amber tried to explain herself, and it was awesome.

Ben, you just won major brownie points in my book. Sexier than any of his corny lines or extravagant dates was the way he supported Jubilee and took responsibility for the wellbeing of the ladies’ emotions in the house. His mama taught him right! And he proved it tonight with the way he saw through the petty drama.

Now that gets me to swoon.

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And it also made me really respect Jubilee for trying her hardest to stand above all the cattiness, which only made the other girls look bad.

I hope the girls’ behavior toward Jubilee doesn’t keep her from being herself for the remainder of her time on the show. She’s clearly a keeper.

Were you as shocked as I was that the girls were so mean to Jubilee tonight?

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