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Vanderpump Rules‘ Scheana Marie is even worse than Jax Taylor

Did anyone really think just because Jax Taylor now has a girlfriend his lies would stop for good? That’s what I thought. Well, during Monday’s Vanderpump Rules, not only did Jax showcase his masterful lying skills, but Scheana Marie teamed up with him. Say what now?

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Apparently, Jax and Scheana are now the dynamic duo when it comes to making Lala Kent look bad and ensuring Brittany Cartwright stays with Jax. Yes, it’s as messed up as it sounds. Suffice it to say, this Hawaii/birthday trip isn’t as amazing as everyone expected.

After hearing through the grapevine (aka Scheana) that Jax and Lala were flirting majorly, Brittany decided to confront Lala about it. Like the honest person Lala has been so far, she admitted to Brittany that she was definitely flirting with Jax. That said, she also noted that it wasn’t all her fault, because Jax told her that things weren’t serious with Brittany.

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Granted, Jax kind of copped to it in front of Brittany, but also denied it at the same time by blaming it on Lala having a few drinks. Not cool, Jax. The drama and lies didn’t stop there, as later on, Lala approached Brittany to inform her that Jax also said he wanted to have sex with her. Guess what? Jax denied that to Brittany’s face, too.

Scheana Marie
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Lala tried her hardest to get Brittany to believe her. Her efforts might’ve worked if it weren’t for Scheana, who waltzed over and said that all she saw during their night out was Jax and Lala whispering, in addition to Jax squirming in his seat. Obviously, this is a lie, because both Scheana and Kristen Doute heard Jax say he wanted to have sex with Lala.

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It’s expected of Jax to lie, so it doesn’t faze me at this point, even though it is still really irritating. However, Scheana covering up for Jax? What’s that about? Per Scheana, she really likes Brittany and doesn’t want to ruin her relationship with Jax. That’s not a good enough reason, if you ask me. Plus, Scheana is the one who ran to Brittany and told her about Lala and Jax flirting in the first place. Scheana, if you can’t handle the heat and don’t want to be put in the middle of something, then don’t say anything at all. Well, I guess now Jax can rely on Scheana to lie for him when it comes to Brittany.

That said, I can only imagine what is running through Brittany’s head after seeing the episode and realizing Lala was the only one telling the truth. Basically, Brittany needs to run as far away from Jax as possible.

As for Scheana? She needs to stop stirring the pot and making Jax look like the good guy, when he clearly isn’t.

Vanderpump Rules airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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