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7 Things to expect in Making a Murderer Season 2

Fans of Netflix’s Making a Murderer might get a second chance to further their true-crime obsession.

Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi, the makers of the 10-part docuseries that took us inside the murder trial of Steven Avery, raised hopes over the weekend when they announced Making a Murderer Season 2 is not out of the question and could be coming straight into your living room in the near future.

While details for the follow-up to the story that captivated us all are not hammered out and production hasn’t started yet, Demos and Ricciardi told Us Weekly that they are staying “proactive” about the idea of a second season. Here’s what we can expect for Season 2 so far.

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1. More candid talks with Avery

Demos and Ricciardi have stayed in touch with Avery since the launch of Making a Murderer in December, and will use contact with him for future material.

“We did record those calls with an eye toward including them in any episodes, should there be new episodes,” Ricciardi said. “But we have not returned to Wisconsin in the past four weeks.”

2. Any significant breaks in the cases of Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey

Now that Avery and Dassey’s story has blown up all over the world — even inspiring a White House petition asking for their pardon — Avery’s former lawyers, Dean Strang and Jerry Buting, have stated that they hope it will lead to the revelation of new evidence that could break the Avery/Dassey case wide open. In the event Strang and Buting’s hopes come true, Demos and Ricciardi will bring all the new information to Netflix viewers.

This story is ongoing, these cases are open. It’s real life, so you don’t know what’s going to happen. We are ready… if there are significant developments, we will be there,” Demos said at a panel during the Television Critics Association press tour, via Variety.

3. A wait

Yes, we can expect for it to be a while before we get another edition of Making a Murderer.

“As we know from making this series, it’s a huge commitment that we take very seriously and it’s just apparent to us that we would need time to think about what we would [want to do] next,” Demos said.

4. More from Dassey’s testimony

Perhaps the most tragic aspect of Avery’s story is the fate of Dassey. It was dreadfully hard to watch detectives pump him for information, and The Hollywood Reporter has shared new portions of Dassey’s testimony that weren’t featured in Making a Murderer.

Dassey’s story will most likely be revisited in Season 2.

5. A look into the personal lives of Strang and Buting

Just kidding. But perhaps the most unexpected thing to come out of Making a Murderer was Making a Heartthrob: The Dean Strang and Jerry Buting Story.

6. A completely new story

Plot twist: Making a Murderer Season 2 might not be about the Avery case at all.

“We’re looking at other stories as well,” Demos said during the TCA panel.

7. More insight to the U.S. justice system

Even if the second season doesn’t continue on with Avery’s story, it will most likely still look into the American justice system.

It’s not really about the murder,” Ricciardi said in an interview with Mashable about the success of true-crime sensations like Making a Murderer, Serial and The Jinx. “It’s about accountability and the justice and the right to a fair trial… I think that’s what resonates for people.”

What do you hope to see explored in Making a Murderer Season 2?

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