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RHOP‘s Karen Huger has no right to relate womanhood to motherhood

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As it goes in the Real Housewives franchise, on the season finale of the Real Housewives of Potomac, Gizelle invited the cast to a “Come to Jesus” lunch during which she hoped everyone would realize how ridiculous they’ve been for this entire season and deal with themselves and each other. And, also in true Real Housewives fashion, it went up in flames. The season-long quarrel about race between Katie, who finally got engaged to Andrew, Gizelle and Robyn was resurrected and seemed to go on forever before Katie apologized, although absolutely nothing was actually resolved. And then there was Karen and Ashley.

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When Ashley arrived at the restaurant (why are these fights always in public?), she was polite to Karen, and when the other women remarked on it, she admitted that she was totally feigning etiquette because the women were so obsessed with it. The two inevitably got into why Karen had been so cold to Ashley as of late, especially in regard to Karen’s daughter. Then Karen told Ashley that until she had a child and was a “real woman,” Ashley was to keep her daughter’s name out of her mouth. Justifiably, Twitter was outraged.

In addition to insulting all women who want children but can’t have them, all women who don’t ever want children and all trans women — and asserting that she’s ridiculous — Karen also significantly burned Ashley. Obviously, she meant to do that, but she probably didn’t know that earlier in the episode, Ashley was actually panicking about having a baby. Michael, her husband, told her that he didn’t want to have another kid (he has children from his previous marriage) until their restaurant was off the ground and reliably making money. As one Twitter fan pointed out, it usually takes three to five years for a restaurant to stabilize, and Michael probably knows that. He’s putting it off and she wants a baby now — so that’s not a recipe for disaster at all.

Karen has set herself up to be the Etiquette Queen this season. She’s lectured the other women on it, she’s given them really patronizing gifts and she’s thrown parties in order to show them what her perfect vision of her narrow world looks like. On the RHOP season finale, though, Karen proved that she believes that rules regarding social behavior are more important than how people should be treated. The reunion should be interesting because it’s basically impossible that Andy Cohen won’t bring up Karen’s comment. But throwing things and screaming and walking out is what makes a great show, right?

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