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5 Most memorable quotes from Shark Tank guest Chris Sacca

A former Google employee and renowned Twitter and Uber investor, Chris Sacca knows a thing or two about entrepreneurship. During tonight’s episode of Shark Tank, he made his mark by sharing the following insights:

1. I’m an investor for Uber.

This is not the first time Sacca has appeared on Shark Tank, and, at this point, his involvement in Uber is common knowledge among regular viewers. Yet, for some reason, Sacca insisted on constantly bringing up Uber. This was a source of annoyance among several Twitter users, who complained about Sacca’s repetitiveness and smug demeanor.

2. Never. Stop. Selling.

To be fair, this is a quote from Sacca’s live Twitter coverage of tonight’s episode. However, it ties in to the persistence the Hatch Baby investors demonstrated. Their determination alone won them the support of Sacca, who was initially reluctant to invest.

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Chris Sacca
Image: ABC

3. I want to be investing in the future and not in the present.

Sacca is very convinced that car ownership is on its way out. Thus, he was reluctant to invest in Fixed, a start-up dedicated to fixing drivers’ parking tickets. Not everybody agreed with Sacca’s stance on car ownership but, given the accuracy of his past predictions, it’s hard not to at least consider what he has to say about automated vehicles being the future. Only time will tell if Sacca’s prediction rings true.

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4. I’m seeing four different businesses pitched… I don’t think you can tackle all four of them.

In this quote, Sacca emphasized the need for focus. He then succinctly summarized exactly what the passionate individuals behind Village Scholarships hoped to accomplish. By this point, several viewers were completely lost, as the pitch was not particularly well-organized.

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Image: ABC

5. Ideas are cheap; execution is everything.

After summing up the aspirations of Village Scholarships’ founders, Sacca made an offhand remark that ultimately ended up being the most valuable insight of the episode. Although this quote is really just an offshoot of the “talk is cheap” cliché, it’s still something most of the entrepreneurs on Shark Tank could stand to hear. So many hopefuls arrive with grand ideas and nothing to back them up.

What did you think of Chris Sacca’s appearance on Shark Tank. Did you appreciate his insight? Or did you find his frequent mentions of Uber annoying? Comment and share your opinion below.

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