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Jessa Duggar gets a much better reaction to new baby pics than Jill (PHOTOS)

Jessa Duggar Seewald has posted new photos of her unfortunately named baby for us to gawk at.

Spurgeon Seewald might have an unusual name, but he is awfully cute — and Jessa has finally let us have another peek at him.

New mom Jessa has barely posted any photos of her baby since Christmas, and considering the fallout her sister Jill has gotten for a couple of photos of her own baby, we can’t say we blame her.

But this is an awfully cute kid, we can’t deny that.

Jessa’s photos are getting a far better reception than ones her sister Jill has posted of her own baby boy lately. Last week, Jill posted a photo of little Israel lying on a bed, tightly swaddled and crying. She and her husband Derick Dillard were immediately accused of the controversial and violent disciplinary practice of blanket training. The she found herself under fire for another pic where an un-baby-proofed electrical socket could be seen in the background.

This week, the official Duggar family Facebook page posted what appeared to be a happy family photo of Jill, Derick and Israel, only to come under attack because the baby has what appears to be a bruise on his head.

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“He has bruises even on his chin,” wrote commenter Ben Wild. “Something really seems off that every pix he has new marks. That is suspicious. My kids had accidents but not new marks weekly. Something really seems wrong, maybe I am wrong but it’s sure fishy!!”

“Poor Israel looks like he got hurt. Hope he is ok,” wrote Tanya Crici.

These people obviously don’t have children. Because kids that age who are crawling, pulling up on everything regardless of stability and teetering around learning to walk have bruises all over, everywhere.

That energy of concern might be better spent on Dillard’s ill-thought beard.

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