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Rory Feek reveals the influence his young daughter has had on Joey Feek’s life

Country singer Joey Feek and her husband, Rory, are going through unimaginable emotional pain, but the couple’s decision to document the final moments of Joey’s life has had a profound effect on fans.

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Joey also has remained incredibly strong throughout her battle with terminal cancer, and perhaps a reason for her strength is her love for her 22-month-old daughter, Indiana — something that Rory took to his blog This Life I Live to discuss.

Rory penned an emotional post about his daughter and the special moments she recently shared with her mom.

“I don’t know where Indy gets her personality from,” Rory began. “Joey says it’s from me. I’m not sure I believe her. But no matter… one thing is for sure, our little one has one of the most expressive little faces I’ve ever seen.”

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Rory then went on to explain how Indiana has the ability to positively impact Joey’s mood.

He wrote, “I sat Indy on Joey’s bed so she could spend a few minutes with her mama. Joey had had some tough days and the decline of her condition was weighing heavy on her and all of our minds.

“But in a matter of minutes, Indy had her mama laughing out loud…”

Rory continued, revealing how Indiana is playing a big part in her mother’s fight.

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“Like she did that day in August at the hospital in Atlanta when Joey was starting chemo, I think our baby is continuing to cheer her mama on in her fight — the best way she knows how…,” he wrote. “By making her smile.”

The post is heartbreaking, but it’s also incredibly beautiful.

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