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Jessica Simpson’s new post has fans on baby watch (PHOTO)

Jessica Simpson makes no secret of the fact that she has a really hot husband. But her recent Instagram post about Eric Johnson has started to make fans very suspicious.

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Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Simpson shared a photo of herself and Johnson, along with the caption, “Happy to procreate with this Man.”

While this is not the first time Simpson has been boastful about her husband — and some fans have taken note of that with comments on the picture, including one from leroimes, who wrote, “@jessicasimpson It seems how you need always people’s approvation [sic]… Ok, your man is nice! But be more confident! Believe in yourself and live without necessarly [sic] having good opinion of people!!!” — other fans think her caption alludes to something completely different.

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Has Simpson, in fact, procreated with her husband (again), and could this be her pregnancy announcement? Fans certainly seem to think so.

“Are you prego?@jessicasimpson,” mariafuschini asked.

Other comments include, “Pregnant again?!?,” “Another baby??”, and “So she’s preg?!”

Well, is she? Simpson has certainly left her fans with a lot of unanswered questions.

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Does Jessica Simpson have another bun in the oven, or was she just being crude? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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