Craig and Helen Strickland: 7 Things you didn't know about their marriage (VIDEO)

Jan 14, 2016 at 9:53 p.m. ET

Country music fans are mourning the loss of Craig Strickland.

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The Backroad Anthem musician was found dead on January 4 after his boat capsized on a duck-hunting trip in Oklahoma during winter storm Goliath. His wife, Helen Strickland, has been thanking fans and followers for their support on social media.

She also shared a touching video that her late husband had made for her, writing on Instagram, "On the day of our wedding Craig had me watch a video he had made to tell me how much he loved me. I am so thankful for technology in this moment because I will always have this. I watched this privately prior to walking down the aisle, and so now I want to share this small excerpt with all of you."

The video, which just shows Craig speaking to his wife through the camera, is incredibly touching.


"There'll be times where we're sitting in our car and stuff where you don't know this," he says in the clip. "But I'll look over at you and be like, 'This is the person that God has created for me,' and that's really special to me and I couldn't be more lucky."

In honor of a beautiful marriage interrupted too soon, here are some of our favorite things about Craig and Helen Strickland's relationship.

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1. They had just passed their first anniversary


2. They honeymooned in Cancun


3. They had adorable movie dates all the time


4. They celebrated every single milestone in their marriage


5. Seriously. All of them <3<></3<>3>

6. They missed each other whenever Craig was on tour


7. They took road trips together


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Our hearts go out to Helen Strickland and Craig's other family and friends.