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Jimmy Fallon’s 7 best duets on The Tonight Show (VIDEO)

There’s no question Jimmy Fallon knows how to pull off a good duet.

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The Tonight Show host’s duets with celebs have become a long-running staple on the show, and some of Fallon’s covers of famous songs are easily as good as — if not better than — the original versions.

For the uninitiated, here are seven of Fallon’s best and most classic duets from The Tonight Show.

1. Billy Joel

Billy Joel kind of lends awesomeness to everything he does. So combine his insane piano skills with Fallon’s voice and over-the-top antics, and then throw in a classic song like the Rolling Stones’ “Beast of Burden,” and you’ve got some pretty high quality TV. Check out about halfway through the jam, when Fallon takes his dance moves on top of the piano.

2. Justin Timberlake

If you’re not a rap music fan, here’s the primer you need: Fallon and Justin Timberlake doing a duet of “History of Rap,” an insane mash-up of just about every classic hip-hop jam there ever was. Consider this your crash course.

3. Jack Black

As if a Fallon duet isn’t enough, Fallon and Jack Black chose to team up to create a shot-for-shot remake of Extreme’s “More Than Words” music video. Hilarity predictably ensues.

4. Bruce Springsteen

The Bruce Springsteen duet is particularly hilarious, because not only do he and Fallon rock matching outfits — ’80s hair, red bandanas and cutoff denim vests — but they rework “Born to Run” into a parody of Gov. Chris Christie’s New Jersey bridge scandal. It’s hilariously spot-on.

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5. Will Smith

While it’s not quite the traditional duet, Fallon and Will Smith definitely get musical together — using an iPad app to beatbox Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock’s “It Takes Two.” Yeah, it’s pretty much as ridiculous as it sounds.

6. Michael Bublé

OK, OK. This one isn’t technically on The Tonight Show, it’s on Saturday Night Live. But it’s so hilarious, there was no way for us not to include it. In the sketch, Bublé is releasing an album full of holiday duets and Fallon stands in to impersonate all of the celebrities on the album, from Sting to Justin Bieber.

7. Kelly Clarkson

In one of the most memorable performances of all time, Fallon and Kelly Clarkson performed a mash-up of just about every famous song you can think of. The result is kind of incredible.

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Which Jimmy Fallon duet is your favorite?

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