Project Runway: Junior‘s Jaxson reveals why Samantha will take home the win

This week, Project Runway: Junior sent two hopeful designers packing and among them was Jaxson Meltzer — the 15-year-old boy from Minneapolis who has a unique eye for blending vintage silhouettes with modern design. 

But even though Jaxson didn’t make it to the end of the show, he still had an incredible time making new friends, meeting huge fashion experts and learning a couple of life lessons along the way. In a recent Q&A, Jaxson told SheKnows how he felt about his entire experience on Project Runway Junior.

SheKnows: How did you find out about the show?

JM: I wanted to be on Project Runway: Threads after I saw the premiere for it, so I looked on the Web and found the casting company and filled out the form. Then, I kinda forgot about it until my mother came running and screaming upstairs into my room and said she received an e-mail saying that they were making a Project Runway: Junior and asked if I wanted to submit an application. I obviously told her yes — and this all happened at 2 in the morning.

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SK: What was the best experience about the show?

JM: The best experience was to be with all these other amazing like-minded designers. We have become such close friends.

SK: What was it like to meet Tim, Hannah, Kelly, Christian and Aya?

JM: It was so cool to meet them. I met Christian before but I was in fifth grade and I was at his book signing in Kansas City. I loved the judges; they were really there to both support and provide criticism. Meeting Tim Gunn was so surreal. I have looked up to him for so many years and for him to to critique my work was an “Ah!” moment.

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SK: What was your favorite part about being on the show?

JM: Just the overall experience! I was so excited to be with other amazing designers who understood me. It was also a once in a lifetime opportunity to have my designs judged by the fashion experts that were on the show.

SK: What was the biggest lesson you learned on the show?

JM: To step outside your comfort zone and explain yourself.

SK: Which contestant do you think will win and why?

JM: I think Samantha will win because she has the cool New York style that the judges love, but I want Maya to win because I love her edgy style. She is such an amazing designer and person.

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SK: Who is your favorite of the five judges and why?

JM: Kelly is my favorite because she was so funny and friendly. She really had our best interest at heart and wanted us to be succesful. She also gave some helpful tips and tricks that I will take with me into the future.

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