Project Runway: Junior‘s Zach reveals why it’s so significant he’s black

Zach Lindsey was the latest Project Runway: Junior contestant to exit the competition, but the teen told us he still has big dreams for his future. And not only is he preparing for his future, he’s hoping to influence others, too.

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“My favorite parts about being on the competition were having the opportunity to share my talent with the world and to start building a name for myself, as well as business connections,” Lindsey shared.

He added, “I am very thankful that I was able to shine a light on some of the good things that young African American boys are doing. The media focuses on the bad, but I am a young African American boy following my dreams and doing big things. I have officially founded my own fashion brand, Zach Lindsey, LLC. So now I’m a young entrepreneur and designer. I hope that other boys of all races and ethnicities will follow their dreams no matter what’s going on around them.”

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Lindsey also praised the judges for not just being there to critique the competitors’ designs, but also for being there as mentors and guides with some awesome and helpful words of advice.

“Tim [Gunn] was a wonderful mentor and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to have him guide me,” Lindsey said. “Hannah [Davis] and the judges gave lots of great advice and tips on how to accomplish silhouettes properly. During the 1940s team challenge Kelly [Osbourne] gave me some great advice for my peplum jacket. She told me to sew a piece of elastic in the back of the jacket at the waist so that when it fastened it would hug her waist even more. I really appreciated her and the other judges taking the time to help build us as designers and not just criticize us for a TV show.”

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He explained that the biggest lesson he learned on the show was “to stay true to yourself and stick with your niche after you find it. I ventured away from my aesthetic and that is why I was eliminated.”

Are you sad to see Zach Lindsey leave the show or was it his time?


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