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Bringing up Bates stars have unhealthy strategy to lose weight

Bringing Up Bates became more like a weight loss show tonight, but not in a productive or healthy way at all.

Rather than eating healthy and changing her lifestyle for the long term, Bates matriarch Kelly Jo tells her children, “I need something that works quick.”

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She’s getting ready for her daughter Michaella’s wedding and wants to lose weight before then.

She also said that she didn’t want to have to go dress shopping for the wedding and feel like she was getting an extra, extra large size.

While those are all perfectly valid reasons to want to feel good about yourself, her strategies to get there are way off.

Mind you, this is right after the family decides to do fast-food-style dinner at the wedding with chicken salad, sub sandwiches and chips.

At least it will be made a little healthier considering that the Bates family said they were only serving tea and lemonade for beverages.

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Kelly Jo also decides to make her weight loss challenge a competition against her husband Gil. But they aren’t going to base it off weight loss, because then Gil would clearly win based on size. Rather, they are going to ask the children to decide who looks best.

I guess this sort of works because Kelly Jo and Gil are both good humored about it, but if she really is intent on working on a healthier lifestyle, a scale really is the way to go.

Her strategy to eat a really unhealthy meal at a restaurant the night before they start the competition is also seriously flawed. Luckily, her kids see the errors in that one.

Not to mention, she lifts weights in a jean skirt.

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It’s important to note, I am no fitness expert. Other than my own personal journey to staying healthy and active. But I’m lucky that I come from a very health-conscious family, so nutrition has and always seems to be a topic of discussion. And, thanks to that, I know quick fixes are often quick fails. And focusing more on how you feel on the outside versus the inside is a sure-fire way to only feel worse and fall off the wagon.

Do you think Kelly Jo and Gil’s competition weight loss strategy was smart? Or was it OK because it was all in good fun?

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