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Vanderpump Rules sneak peek proves Jax Taylor is a terrible guy (VIDEO)

In this clip from next week’s new Vanderpump Rules, Jax is at again, behaving like his lies have never had any consequences. 

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Image: Bravo

Obviously nothing bad could come from taking 14 people on a vacation to celebrate your birthday, especially if you happen to be Jax Taylor, noted lothario, and the people you brought include the girlfriend you have lukewarm feelings for (Brittany), the girl you want to sleep with (Lala) and the guy who wants to sleep with her (James).

In a sneak peek from Monday’s new episode of Vanderpump Rules, Jax handles an explosive situation in classic Jax fashion — by lying about it. Brittany, his girlfriend, who I hope has some good friends who will let her crash on their couch, because there is no way this relationship is going to last until the end of the season, found out that Jax told Lala he would definitely be having sex with her soon, and decided to confront Jax about it. To the surprise of absolutely no one who has seen this show before, Jax denies it, even when Brittany calls Lala over.

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It’s super uncomfortable to watch Lala pleading with Jax to admit the truth and it just gets worse when Jax blames the whole thing on Lala being drunk. And of course he interviews that he “might” have said things that were inappropriate, but Brittany doesn’t need to know about that.

Brittany and Lala, if you’re reading this, please know that there is a litany of women who have been, as Katie put it last season when trying to warn Val about him, “Jax-ed.” Getting Jax-ed is real. There are three previous seasons of women who have been Jax-ed. It is not a myth and it’s ugly to watch Jax’s behaviour succeed in turning Brittany and Lala against one another. And what’s even more ridiculous than watching Jax lie his head off in this clip is the fact that he admits things in interviews, as if no one involved is ever going to watch the show. If anything is consistent on Vanderpump Rules, it is that the truth actually does have a way of coming out. (If I lived in Los Angeles, Brittany, I would totally let you sleep on my couch. We could also go get milkshakes.)

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Do you think Brittany will believe Jax? Will they break up? Should Jax and Lala get together? Did he destroy his chances?

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