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Lisa Vanderpump just harshly put Farrah Abraham in her place

Yet another feud for Farrah Abraham.

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While the Teen Mom OG star has been busy fighting with Nicki Minaj on Twitter, Lisa Vanderpump has made some comments about Abraham that are pretty much guaranteed to lead to another celeb feud… not that that’s anything new for Abraham.

It all started with this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, which showed Abraham making plans to crash a party at Vanderpump’s place. Abraham claims she was initially invited to the bash, but was then uninvited because she’s too “controversial.”

“I might just go anyways. I’ll probably just be the star at the party,” Abraham said.

She added, “I’m just going to have to show them that they need to grow up. They shouldn’t run white parties if they don’t know how to be upscale and classy about it. So I would just rather show up and be there and then they can say how they feel and they probably won’t because they’re scared when I do show up and they don’t say anything.”

Vanderpump, however, denies having any involvement in allegedly uninviting Abraham.

“I’ve seen it,” she said Thursday. “It’s all over Twitter her saying that I uninvited her to the party. But let’s be honest: A magazine [was] having a party [and] I have not a clue who’s on the guest list.”

Vanderpump continued, “It’s not my party. It’s Bella’s [magazine] party. I don’t think I knew one person there, apart from the ladies who came with me.”

And then Vanderpump harshly revealed exactly what she thinks of Abraham: “I certainly wouldn’t know her if she sat on me.”

We’re taking bets now on how long it’ll be before Abraham responds.

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Do you think this will cause a feud between Farrah Abraham and Lisa Vanderpump?

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