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Feud between RHOC‘s Tamra Judge and her ex’s GF continues

Tamra Judge isn’t interested in having a relationship with her ex Simon Barney’s girlfriend of four years, Catushia Ienni.

But she isn’t content in staying on the sidelines while Ienni coparents her children, either.

As Radar Online reports, Judge commented on Nik Richie’s Instagram with some scathing notes about Ienni’s parenting style.

She wrote, “My ex’s ‘girlfriend’ writes me notes on my daughter’s homework telling me what MY daughter needs to do. Like I’m a moron. I so bad want to say STFU and have your own kids. But I don’t… it’s called boundaries. It’s great to have an involved step parent. But know your boundaries….bitch (sic).”

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Ienni is now defending herself, firing back, “The homework notes is something I occasionally have to do to relay information back to her. We don’t have a relationship where I could call or text her, I wish we did. Unfortunately we don’t have a healthy co-parenting relationship, mainly because of Tamra’s actions (sic).”

Ienni blames Tamra for the breakdown of the relationship, telling Radar, “Simon and I have tried many times to establish some kind of relationship with Tamra for the kids’ sake, with very little success… I’m really confused why Tamra has to continually talk about Simon and I in the public (social and regular media) when clearly we want nothing to do with being famous and/or included in her public life,” she said. “I’m sure she will even comment that these comments are in an attempt to get my 15 minutes of fame. When clearly my actions thus far have shown I don’t want 15 seconds.”

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Sidney Barney, Tamra and Simon’s 17-year-old daughter, is now living with her father, reportedly due to Judge’s inability to coparent peacefully alongside her ex and his new family.

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