Eva Marie reveals her plans to make amends on Total Divas Season 5

Eva Marie didn’t exactly end the last season of Total Divas as a fan favorite, but now she has the chance to redeem herself. As Total Divas returns, she plans to stay as far away from drama as possible and instead focus on her career in the ring.

This is a super-exciting time for Eva Marie. In addition to making a name for herself in the WWE and on Total Divas, she is busy pursuing a career in acting (her mentor is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson!) and making the world a more stylish place with her own hair extension line, which reflects her vivaciousness.

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In the past, Eva Marie’s feisty personality came through in her interactions with the other Divas. It would be an understatement to say that she and her fellow Total Divas cast members didn’t get along. That is all about to change, as she has a new lease on life. “I definitely tried to stay out of as much drama as I could this season, considering I had enough of it last season.”

In order to get past the drama, she had to make amends with the other Divas, many of whom were angry about the special treatment she allegedly received. According to Eva Marie, fans can expect to see a lot of her “mending some relationships with the girls” when Total Divas returns.

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WWE fans have frequently blasted Total Divas for its lack of focus on wrestling and the hard-core training the Divas must pursue in order to be ring-ready. This will not be a problem going forward, for, as Eva Marie reports, it’s going to be all about the ring in Season 5. Die-hard WWE fans will be glad to learn that there will be a greater emphasis on NXT than there has been in the past. “You’re going to see a lot of my matches and my progression and training on NXT… it’s cool not only to show the WWE but also the NXT universe and how things work within WWE.”

Eva Marie is especially excited for viewers to witness her title match with fellow NXT star Bayley. She admitted, “I would love to have a continuous feud with [Bayley]. Not only is she a great person to work with, we have awesome chemistry while we’re in the ring. She’s a great person to tell a great story with.”

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Bayley is Eva Marie’s favorite opponent, but if allowed to create her own tag team, she would choose Nia Jax in a heartbeat. She told SheKnows, “[Nia Jax] is in NXT right now and I really hope I can team up and tag with her. I think we’d be dominant. I’d love to make that progression up on the main roster and take over the division that way.”

Just as accomplished outside of the ring as she is while wrestling, Eva Marie now has her own hair extension line. Her hair extensions are, as expected, bright red, although Eva Marie has expressed interest in eventually changing her own hair color. In an exclusive interview with SheKnows, Eva Marie admitted, “I can’t wait to make another hair color line because I’m not going to have red hair forever.” There is the possibility that she will eventually go back to the jet black color that she had when she first entered the WWE. For now, however, she’s happy to remain a redhead with a feisty personality to match.

Whether she ends up in a tag team with Nia Jax or in Hollywood, it’s clear that exciting things are in Eva Marie’s future. Learn more about her NXT and WWE journey on Total Divas, which returns to E! at 9 p.m. EST on Jan. 19.

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