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Steven Avery’s ex-fiancée says he’s guilty in new interview on Nancy Grace

As Making a Murderer fans know, Steven Avery’s ex-fiancée, Jodi Stachowski, has been one of his biggest supporters.

But in a new interview with Nancy Grace, Stachowski is now claiming that Avery is guilty of the murder of Teresa Halbach. Avery was sentenced to return to prison in 2007. At the time of the murder, Stachowski was in prison herself for a DUI. Watch the full video below.

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“[I want people to know] the truth. What a monster he is. He’s not innocent,” she says. She alleges that Avery physically abused her while they were together. She tells Nancy Grace producer Natisha Lance, “I ate two boxes of rat poison just so I could go the hospital… and get away from him, and ask them to get the police to help me.”

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According to Stachowski, her relationship with Avery wasn’t what it seemed on Making a Murderer. She declined to do follow-up interviews with the documentary producers and asked to be excluded from the show entirely. She has since moved out of Manitowoc County.

Avery filed an appeal to have his conviction overturned on Tuesday, Jan. 12, under the claim that he was deprived of an impartial jury trial, as well as improper grounds for search warrants. Fans are also doing their part in the attempt to free Avery, from petitioning the White House to asking the governor for a pardon.

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